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A very early Christmas

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A veritable cornucopia from the garden
A veritable cornucopia from the garden

On Monday I cooked Christmas lunch for my team from work, as is the tradition. (Yes Christmas! The price to pay for having two of the team going on maternity leave late this year.)

For the meal, the garden provided:

  • masses of silverbeet
  • carrots
  • spring onions
  • salad greens
  • herbs, including mint and dill

From this, and a a few store-bought ingredients, we had:

  • spanakopita (cheese and spinach pie)
  • roast chicken with baked potatoes
  • indian carrot salad
  • green salad

There’s still heaps of silverbeet left in the ground, and the spring crop is just coming into its own. It’s amazing how little has to be bought when the majority of ingredients can be pulled straight out of the ground an hour before the meal.