French breakfast radishes

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Pile of bright red french breakfast radishes

The french breakfast radishes have been a hit in the garden this year. Miss P really likes them, and they grow from seed to harvest in a month.

It did produce bit of a glut, however, so some pickling was in order…

One of three jars of pickled radishes

These are simple vinegar and sugar based pickles, with some mustard and celery seeds for flavouring. They’re bright, vivid red, and I hope they taste good in salads!

Bright red radishes

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Bright red French breakfast radishes

These French breakfast radishes are super cute! Baby-sized and bright red, these are ready for the picking. They are also one of Miss P’s favourites.

We’ve got plenty of other root crops in the ground at the moment, some fast-growing but most taking their time:

  • beetroots
  • heirloom radishes (various colours)
  • heirloom carrots (various colours)
  • daikon
  • onions (various)
  • turnips
  • spring onions
  • leeks
  • shallots
  • potatoes (going in soon)