Useful flowers and herbs

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In a recent post, I shared a photo of my new garden bed, snug up behind the front fence. The strawberries that we received for free have gone in one half. I’ve also planted some flat leaf parsley and coriander, to serve kitchen needs.

The remaining space is being devoted a mix of flowers and herbs that serve a variety of purposes:

  • Borage – companion plant to strawberries, good bee forage
  • Chamomile – deters flies and mosquitoes, can be used as a fungicide spray
  • Hyssop – trap plant for cabbage moth, plant away from brassicas, good for bees
  • Pyrethrum – can be made into a natural insectiside

A new garden bed behind the front fence

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The new garden bed behind the front fence
The new garden bed behind the front fence

Yesterday I constructed a new garden bed, tucked in behind the front fence.

I’m getting reasonably good at constructing these types of raised beds. Start with some lengths of 50x150mm treated pine. Saw off a few pieces to create the ends of the bed. Drill some holes into some wooden stakes, and hammer them in to support the sides of the beds.

Then use coach bolts to attach the stakes to the treated pine. Then bolt on the ends of the bed. The result, a shallow but robust garden bed.

What are we going to plant in this bed?

We received some free strawberries when we ordered our last two lemon trees. Not wanting these to go to waste, they’ll go in one end. The other end will be a mix of edible flowers, a well as pest repellent flowers such as pyrethrum. I’ll post a full list when I sort through all my seed packets…