Picking up our first Petersham food box

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This is what $20 gets you in a food box, all organic
This is what $20 gets you in a food box, all organic

Back when we were in Chippendale, we used to pickup a weekly food box containing locally-sourced fruit and vegetables, most organic. This worked very well for us, and the variation week-to-week spiced up our cooking. (See Food for the Future for details on the Chippendale food box.)

Now that we’re in Lewisham, driving to Chippo to pick up an environmentally-friendly food box seemed a bit crazy. Luckily we discovered that Jura Books on Parramatta Road in Petersham organise an organic food co-op. There are $10 and $20 food boxes, sourced from a local organic co-op, with a simple system for payment and pickup.

This is our first food box, and what a haul! As you can see above, there are plenty of shallots, carrots, broccoli, apples, oranges, limes, pumpkin, parsnip, and more. This should be more than enough to keep us going until next week, and then some!

We think these types of boxes are a great idea, and it’s definitely worth seeing whether there’s one available in your local area…

Inner west community gardens

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Path through the Marrickville Food Forrest
Path through the Marrickville Food Forrest

There are a number of community gardens in the Inner West of Sydney (and many more beyond). These provide a great opportunity for those with small gardens (or no gardens!) to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruit.

Today we visited the Marrickville Food Forrest, located on Addison Road, in the Addison Road Centre (ARC). As is typical, it is squeezed into an unused plot of land behind some buildings, but thriving nonetheless.

It makes me appreciate how lucky we are here. We have easily 5 to 6 times the space of a typical community garden plot, with plenty of sun, and room for growth. Now the pressure is on to really make it thrive!

Over the next few months we’ll try to drop into more of these gardens, to get further inspiration on what (and how) to grow. There is also the potential to join up with a Seed Savers group, to swap seeds (we have plenty left over).

These are the gardens on our list for the Inner West:

Further information: