Our first (and only) glass of home-made orange juice

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Our first three oranges!
Our first three oranges!

If it’s one thing that fruit trees teach you, it’s patience. While our lime tree has been fruiting strongly for 18 months now, the two orange trees have been taking their time.

Still, we were finally blessed with our first oranges this winter. Unfortunately there were only five in total. Yes, five.

Three went into a glass of fresh-squeezed juice, which had a nice edge to it (not like the super-sweet and somewhat bland juice that you get in the supermarket).

The last two went into the steamed marmalade pudding that was part of our ploughman’s lunch last weekend.

Onwards to greater crops! 🙂

Our first (and only) glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.
Our first (and only) glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Tree planting map for the food forest

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Rough map of the food forest tree planting

For your interest, and to help us keep track of things, this is what we’ve planted so far in the food forest:

  1. Fuji apple
  2. Cox’s Orange Pippin apple
  3. Granny Smith apple
  4. Sommerset Red Streak apple
  5. Golden Delicious apple
  6. Jonathon apple
  7. Kingston Black apple
  8. Sugar Loaf Pippin apple
  9. Maiden’s Blush apple
  10. cumquat
  11. Meyer lemon
  12. dwarf Kaffir lime
  13. Wurtz avocado
  14. dwarf Washington Navel orange

Not a bad collection to get us started! I’ll keep this page up to date, as we fight back the weeds and fill in the gaps…

Lemons, limes and oranges

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Orange, lime, orange and lemon
Orange, lime, orange and lemon

The last major task for the front garden this season was getting in the citrus trees.

Two weekends ago, I started by marking out a garden bed 5.5m x 1.2m, and then dug that down to a depth of a foot-and-a-half (a back-breaking job!). I then constructed a treated pine frame to build the bed up.

I hadn’t quite done the numbers first, and discovered that I’d need an extra 2 tonnes of soil, or thereabouts. So another call to the bulk supplier, and a lot of shovel work later, and the bed was full.

The local Bunnings had a reasonable range of fruit trees, and this is what we ended up putting in:

  • Orange, Lane’s Late Navel (full size)
  • Lime,Tahitian (full size)
  • Orange, Valencia (dwarf)
  • Lemon, Meyer (dwarf)

Now to wait a season (or two) for a full crop…