Bright red radishes

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Bright red French breakfast radishes

These French breakfast radishes are super cute! Baby-sized and bright red, these are ready for the picking. They are also one of Miss P’s favourites.

We’ve got plenty of other root crops in the ground at the moment, some fast-growing but most taking their time:

  • beetroots
  • heirloom radishes (various colours)
  • heirloom carrots (various colours)
  • daikon
  • onions (various)
  • turnips
  • spring onions
  • leeks
  • shallots
  • potatoes (going in soon)

Onions in three colours

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Red, white and brown onions of all sizes

These are the last of our onion harvest. In all we harvested several dozen onions, with a mix of red, white and brown varieties.

A reasonable haul, but I was hoping for many more. Looking back, I made several mistakes:

  • Uncharacteristically, I planted too few. Unlike plants like silverbeet which I consistently over-plant, I could easily have fitted in twice or three times the number of onions into the available space.
  • I planted them too early. Only afterwards did I read that onions should be planted after the shortest day of the year, so many of the onions peaked too soon, at a small size. No matter, these were treated as pickling onions, and were wonderful in beef stews, etc.

Taking these lessons on board, I’m going to allocate more space to onions this year, and hope to have a bumper crop!