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Insect hotels are all the rage

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Insect hotel in Warsaw
Insect hotel in Warsaw

Priscilla’s recent work trip took her around the world, and across Europe. Taking a break in a park is always a great way to get over jetlag, and in the process she stumbled across a number of marvellous insect hotels.

The one above was in Warsaw, while the big art/environmental installation below was in Paris.

They’re clearly in fashion at the moment, and they put our insect hotel to shame!

Insect hotel meets art installation in Paris.
Insect hotel meets art installation in Paris.

A post by Gerry to the natural beekeeping list also highlight this great Bee walls, habitat and nesting blocks (PDF) resource.

The more the better I say 🙂

Insect hotels

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Over winter, insects suffer from the cold like everything else. In the natural world, they crawl into warm places like rotting logs, dead tree branches, etc to survive until spring. Without this, winter can easily wipe out the “good bugs” that help keep pests at bay. (I’m not sure how much of an issue this is in warm Sydney.)

I’ve read in books about the idea of an “insect hotel”, an artificially created home for a variety of insects. Then I came across Arup’s insect hotel, which won a recent government-led competition in London. It looks great:

Arup's winning insect hotel

Of course, we could just leave more of the natural environment intact, but that’s probably not an option in public parks and spaces.