City of Sydney’s Footpath Gardening Policy

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In urban environments, the strip of grass alongside the road is the only green space available for residents. While verge plantings are often wonderfully vibrant (including our own), they can be held back by a lack of clear support (and guidelines) from Council.

It’s therefore great to see City of Sydney get out in front on this issue:

The [City of Sydney’s] Footpath Gardening Policy has been developed in order to allow the public to establish a garden or nature strip without a development application. Council adopted the recommendation to allocate an impressive $50,000 for seeds and plant boxes to help kickstart this important process for the first six months.

via Concrete Playground.

We’re aware that there’s a draft policy in progress at Marrickville Council, although it’s been a long time coming, and still hasn’t seen the light of day. Hopefully soon!