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We’re now up to two compost bays

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Two compost bays in action.
Two compost bays in action.

A little while back, we cleared some space behind our house, and snuck in a proper compost heap. This has been cooking down nicely, and is just about ready to spread on the guerrilla gardened food forest.

Following on the success of the first compost heap, we expanded to a two-bay system. The second bay is currently composting down a mix of chicken poo, wood shavings (from the chicken coop), and used coffee grounds.

There’s something very satisfying about turning waste products into valuable garden ingredients 🙂

Finally, we have a proper compost heap

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A proper compost heap, out the back
A proper compost heap, out the back

For a long time now, we’ve had two compost bins (Aerobins) and a worm farm. Which have been great, particularly after I gave them more solid foundations to sit on.

That still left me with a hankering for a proper compost heap, to supply organic material for our guerilla-gardened food forest.

Some space has finally opened up at the back, giving the me opportunity to construct the first of several compost bays (at least, that’s the plan).

Creating a square metre of compostable material wasn’t hard, between the piles of fallen leaves, weeds galore, and other green materials. I’ve turned it once already, and it’s starting to build up some heat.

Onwards to compost!