Chippendale Food for the Future Fair 2009

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It’s that time of year again, and tomorrow (Saturday October 24) is  the Chippendale Food for the Future Fair 2009. While we don’t live in Chippo anymore, I still work there, and continue to feel a close attachment to the little suburb.

This is a great day to visit, with plenty happening:

  • launch of local food co-op
  • open air bookshop
  • gallery tours
  • on the day cooking
  • no dig gardens
  • water tanks and grey water systems

See you there!

Helping out back in Chippendale

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Yesterday I headed back to our old stomping ground to help out Michael Mobbs garden the nature strip along Myrtle St. A small but committed group turned up, and we cleaned up one side of the street, including planting a few more citrus trees. If you feel like you missed out, you can still help out next weekend (details to be posted shortly on the Food for the Future blog).

One of the highlights was chatting to Robyn Williamson, from the NW Sydney Seed Savers group. She also kindly shared some plants from their community garden, and I’ve now got chilli  and celery in my garden. I was also very excited to get some Warrigal Greens seeds, which I’ll plant out in spring.

I’d love to rework our streetscape here in Lewisham, watch this space…

Picking up our first Petersham food box

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This is what $20 gets you in a food box, all organic
This is what $20 gets you in a food box, all organic

Back when we were in Chippendale, we used to pickup a weekly food box containing locally-sourced fruit and vegetables, most organic. This worked very well for us, and the variation week-to-week spiced up our cooking. (See Food for the Future for details on the Chippendale food box.)

Now that we’re in Lewisham, driving to Chippo to pick up an environmentally-friendly food box seemed a bit crazy. Luckily we discovered that Jura Books on Parramatta Road in Petersham organise an organic food co-op. There are $10 and $20 food boxes, sourced from a local organic co-op, with a simple system for payment and pickup.

This is our first food box, and what a haul! As you can see above, there are plenty of shallots, carrots, broccoli, apples, oranges, limes, pumpkin, parsnip, and more. This should be more than enough to keep us going until next week, and then some!

We think these types of boxes are a great idea, and it’s definitely worth seeing whether there’s one available in your local area…

Chippendale food fair urban farming

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We recently moved from Chippendale, where I lived for over a decade. In recent times, there had been a big transformation, driven by Michael Mobbs, the owner of the well-known “Sustainable House”. Tree and veges appeared in the nature strip, and a weekly food box organised (which we get and love!).

Michael is in part responsible for our current sustainability activities, and I continue to be amazed by his energy for spawning new initiatives. Thanks Michael, keep up the great work!