Quilting: a mega-project

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Over the past 18 months I’ve been making a Queen-sized quilt. Although I have plenty of dressmaking experience I’d never made a quilt before, and inspired by the annual quilt fair in Sydney I thought I’d give it ago. Besides, I figured that sewing rectangles would be much easier than sewing clothing.

It was an easy project, but for me that means a little bit boring. It was hard to stay motivated to finish the quilt which is partly why it took so long to make!

2016-01-24 11.10.21
Queen sized Liberty quilt

I used a range of blue florals from my favourite fabric designer, Liberty of London (if you also like Liberty fabric I suggest buying it from Shaukat as it’s a little cheaper than buying direct from Liberty).

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. If I make another one sometime in the future I think I’ll try a more complex design and send the project away to be quilted on a long-arm machine.


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