Success: catching a swarm in a bait hive

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A few years back I reviewed the excellent ebook Swarm Traps and Bait Hives. This outlines the simplest way to get free bees: lure a local swarm into a ‘bait hive’ placed at a strategic location.

The idea is that the temporary hive is a more attractive option that a tree hollow, a chimney or the cavity in the walls of a house. Once the bees have settled into the bait hive, it can be moved to a new location, and established as a permanent hive.

This season I set up a number of bait hives. These consisted of two boxes with frames, a flat lid, and a specially-made base. Out of the five bait hives I established, I had a success with one. Pretty good, considering that the strange weather this year really limited the number of swarms that were about.

Watch the video above to see my bait hive strapped to the side of a tree.

One thought on “Success: catching a swarm in a bait hive

    solarbeez said:
    January 12, 2016 at 2:32 pm

    But how did you get the bait hive down from there? That looks huge…and heavy.
    I read that same book, made myself about 9 bait hives, and hung them different places. I hung one on a known bee tree. Came back 10 days later to a swarm in my bait box. They work well following his tips which include a few drops of lemon grass oil.

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