Making body wash

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I’ve become frustrated with the high prices of great-smelling “organic” body wash. So, having done some internet research, I realised it would be fairly easy to make my own body wash.

I found this recipe for body wash on the Hello Natural website. Just a few ingredients required!

Ingredients for Body Wash
Ingredients for Body Wash

All I needed was liquid castile soap (to make the body wash soapy), coconut oil (a light moisturiser), honey (an antibacterial), a bottle with a pump, and some essential oils (for scent). I bought most of these ingredients from New Directions in Marrickville.Body Wash

I doubled the recipe from the Hello Natural website to make 200ml. This means I needed to use around half a cup of coconut oil, half a cup of Lewisham Raw Honey, and one cup of liquid castile soap.

Of course I didn’t need to buy any honey given James’s bee-keeping and a ready supply of honey. So the estimated total cost of each 200ml bottle of body wash is just $3.60 + essential oils. Can’t beat that!

To add scent, I used 30 drops of each Eucalyptus oil, Orange oil and Sweet Orange oil. Nevertheless the body wash still smells like castile soap, which isn’t unpleasant but also isn’t the pick-me-up I like from my body wash in the morning. I will need to add more essential oils to get it smelling the way I like it.

Anyway it’s an excellent start for an early experiment!


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