Creating a hidden drawer under the deck

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Drawer, what drawer?
Drawer, what drawer?

There’s no such thing as too much storage, particularly when it comes to bulky and odd-shaped items.

So as part of my ongoing process of improving the house, I decided to create a hidden drawer under the deck.

The starting point was to cut the slats around the deck to create an opening.

I then created a sturdy box to enclose the drawer, to keep the weather out. This was made of exterior-grade ply, painted with two coats of black paving paint.

Oh, that drawer!
Oh, that drawer!

The drawer itself, made of two layers of ply glued together, runs on heavy-duty runners (rated at 250kg).

The final step was to attach the front face, also painted black, and to attach the slats to that.

The screw holes were puttied up, and then touched up with paint.

Plenty of space for bulky garden tools.
Plenty of space for bulky garden tools.

The end solution works rather well, I think. It’s a large size for the inconveniently-shaped garden tools, but is practically invisible.

Onwards to the next project!

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