Making a padded laptop cover

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I made this padded laptop cover using Holly A Tana Lawn from Liberty’s Spring/Summer 2014 seasonal collection.

Laptop cover

What you’ll need

  • If you are using fabric with a pattern that runs parallel to the selvedge (like the fabric I used), measure the height of your laptop and multiply it by 3 to calculate the length of fabric you will need. Assuming your laptop is less than 50cm wide, you should have enough fabric to cut out two pieces for your cover (make sure you add 5cm to the width measurement for the seams!). One of your pieces of fabric will be for the outside of the cover and the other will be for the inside.
  • Two pieces of bamboo batting the same size as the two pieces of fabric — I used leftovers from my ironing board cover project
  • Some wide bias binding (around 1″ wide)
  • Up to 50cm of sew-on velcro 

How to make it

    1. I decided to quilt my cover to keep the batting and fabric layers together. To do this, use a set square and tailor’s chalk to draw lines 2 inches apart at a 45 degree angle from the selvedge on the batting, in both directions.
    2. Place the fabric wrong side against the batting, and machine sew both pieces together across all the lines, taking care to keep the fabric and batting flat between the lines of sewing, like this:

Quilting laptop cover

  1. Once you’ve done this with both pieces of fabric and batting, put the two pieces together with the batting facing each other. Place your laptop on the fabric and fold the fabric up so one edge is just above the top of the laptop. Pin the sides and sew together. Then turn the cover inside out.
  2. Cut the velcro so it is nearly the entire width of the laptop cover, then sew the rough “hook” piece of velcro onto the main part of the cover. Sew the soft “loop” piece of the velcro on the “flap” part of the cover but only through one piece of the fabric/batting so that you don’t see the sewing line when the flap is closed.
  3. Sew wide bias-binding on the top lip of the cover and around the sides of the flap. You can also cut a rounded edge into the corners of the flap for a softer look:
Laptop cover velcro
Finished laptop cover!

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