Design plans for a “Sydney” Warré hive

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Design plans, click down download a PDF.
Design plans, click to download the PDF.

As a new beekeeper, I’m starting to learn how busy things can be during spring. Hives expand and bait hives are established; both of which need new hive boxes. And if a swarm is seen in the local area, you’d better be ready!

All of which means that it’s important to be able to grow the number of hives and hive boxes. Warré boxes can’t just be bought at the local beekeeping store, and in Australia, there are only so many boxes that Tim Malfroy can make in a given month.

So this year I decided to make my own hive boxes, which wasn’t too hard, even for a novice such as myself.

To help keep track of all the details, I’ve written up a set of Warré hive plans. These are based on Tim Malfroy’s design, but modified for 19mm radiata pine, which is what’s easily available locally.

I hope they’re useful!

PS. there are many other sources for Warré hive designs, including on and in David Heaf’s book The Bee-friendly Beekeeper. Each country (and climate) seems to have it’s own variation on the original designs, which is why I’m sharing this “Sydney” version, based on Tim Malfroy’s hives.

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