Day: September 1, 2013

New mailing list for Australian natural beekeepers

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A quick note to say that at the request of others in the community, I’ve created a new mailing list for Australian and New Zealand owners of Warré hives, other top-bar hives (or any other “natural” hives):

Natural beekeeping in Australia and NZ

All are welcome, and do spread the word!

(Note: this group is not about traditional Langstroth hives, those discussions are widely held elsewhere!)

Two boxes added to our beehive

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Our first hive expanded to four boxes, and a second bait hive in place
Our first hive expanded to four boxes, and a second bait hive in place

This morning I had the pleasure of attending a Q&A session with Tim Malfroy of Natural Beekeeping Australia (the gathering was organised by the always-wonderful Milkwood Permaculture).

There were about 30 people at the session from across Sydney, which shows the rapid growth in Warré hives in Australia!

Many questions were asked (and answered), far too many to report on here.

Two immediate actions I took as a result of the session:

  • Our first hive had just started drawing comb in the second box, so on the advice of Tim, I immediately expanded the hive to the full four boxes. (The Sydney climate is so mild, this can be done safely, thereby minimising intrusions later in the season).
  • I set my spare hive boxes up as bait hive on the roof, adding to the bait hive in the convent next door. (Following the “it can’t hurt to try!” principle.)

That should have us set up for a little while, at least until one of our bait hives is populated.