On dealing with a glut of eggs

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This is what five dozen home-laid eggs looks like
This is what five dozen home-laid eggs looks like

When we started with our chickens we had three: two Isa Browns and a hand-me-down (of unknown type). Once they started laying, we were receiving 2-3 eggs a day (14-16 a week). That was enough for our household of two, plus some extras to sell to friends or to give away.

The hand-me-down chicken unfortunately died, but about a month ago we ended up with four more. With the Church requiring the nuns to leave the convent next door, we’ve ended up minding their chickens too.

So now we have six chickens, for a total of 40-42 eggs a week. That’s a lot of eggs!

Thankfully there’s a ready market for organically fed, locally raised eggs 🙂

We sell them to our friends and workmates, at the price of $4 per half-dozen, the same price as the equivalent eggs in the supermarket. That gives us enough income to pay for the chicken feed, plus a bit left over. So they pay their own way!

Of course, if we fall behind in offloading the eggs, quite a pile results! The photo above shows 5 dozen eggs packaged up, ready to go to friends who’ve placed pre-orders. There’s no danger that eggs will be wasted, even at 40 a week 🙂


One thought on “On dealing with a glut of eggs

    betr2 said:
    May 3, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    We set up a hen house a few years ago (we were living at my Mum’s house while it was being sold and it came complete with a “chook shed”. We went to the hardware store and bought the necessities: wire, ‘star pickets’ (metal temporary fence posts), feeders, pellets, straw, etc. I stood at the counter waiting to pay and turned to my husband and said, “I could buy 15 dozen eggs for that”. LOL

    We loved every minute; had two broods of babies, lots of lovely eggs (and enough to share) and the children learned lots of things they didn’t know before (how to tell if an egg is fertile, how to grow green food for chicken foraging, how to catch a chicken and how to hold it so it is calm and lovely to sit with.

    Actually having chickens pay for themselves must be a real bonus! 😉

    Thanks for sharing,

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