Summer Solar BBQ

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Via the 100% Renewables campaign:

On Sunday February 24th right across Australia local community members will be getting together to celebrate solar power, as part of Australia’s first ever Summer Solar BBQ.

Over 1.5 million Australian households now have solar systems. These are lowering power bills, cutting carbon pollution and making the best use of one of our most abundant resources – the sun.

But still many politicians, journalist and the public still don’t know about the million-plus solar homes, the plummeting cost of solar systems and the role that rooftop panels can play in reducing electricity bills.

So to change all this we’re joining together on Sunday Feb 24th, firing up the barbies, inviting community, media and local pollies and putting the sizzling success story of solar into the headlines.

Apparently there will be a BBQ in Dulwich Hill for anybody who’s interested. We’re not involved with 100% Renewables but we like the idea of getting more people to install solar on their rooftops!


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