Day: November 28, 2012

Our native back garden: the before shot

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The “before shot” of our back garden, with seedlings planted for our mini native bush block.

With our vege patch humming along, and the renovation finished, the next project is the back yard.

We’re creating a native garden, with a “surburban bush” feel. In time, we should be able to look out through our back windows to a dense green mini-forest.

The back garden is somewhat shaded, with patches of sun throughout the day. So the “typical” Australian plants — which mostly require full sun — are out.

The photo above is the “before shot”, with the first batch of seedlings going in. This includes a pile of:

  • correa
  • crowea
  • boronia
  • prostanthera
  • dianella
  • lomandra
  • cordyline
  • various ferns

We’ll report back with a “after” photo at the end of summer, hopefully with a lot of green and not much brown!