Hand-sized “Mortgage Lifter” tomatoes

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A pair of "Mortgage Lifter" tomatoes

This hasn’t been a great summer season for the garden. The lack of sun and constant rain has meant that many seeds haven’t germinated properly, plants have grown up stunted, and yields are way down on last year.

Still, you can’t go past these two beauties! I can see why they’re they’re the “Mortgage Lifter” variety, each one big enough to feed a small family.

Even in coldest summer in 11 years (or 40, depending on who you listen to), we’ve still got more tomatoes than we can eat. So the canning equipment has come out, for a dozen jars of various chutneys, relishes, etc. Definitely better than nothing!


One thought on “Hand-sized “Mortgage Lifter” tomatoes

    Ally said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Our two year old learnt about picking and eating cherry tomatoes at her Granny’s house. Every time we go past your house she points out with delight the few little ones that have made it through the fence to the footpath.

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