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Before we began our house renovations, we had to pack up half our belongings so the back of the house could be demolished. We decided to get rid of a few things such as an old desk, dishwasher, light fittings, kitchen shelving and so on that we knew we wouldn’t use in the new extension.

We decided to sell items worth more than about $50 on eBay. Anything worth less than that didn’t seem worth the hassle (and the eBay fees) so we offered them for free on Freecycle.

Freecycle Sydney Central is a group for people in the Central, InnerWest and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who have things they don’t need or want anymore and are looking for the item to be reused rather than thrown away. Don’t dump it or send it to landfill, give it away instead!

Nearly all the items we gave away on Freecycle were snapped up within 24 hours, so it’s a great way to get rid of things that are still useable that you don’t want any more. If that fails, there’s also a Vinnies box in Lewisham, it’s tucked between the junior school and the church on Thomas Street.


One thought on “Freecycle

    S said:
    January 16, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Freecycle — fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

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