Saving our tomatoes

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Some of our tomato-based produce

The warm, wet weather has meant a glut of tomatoes this summer. We’ve also had few fruit fly (although an invasion of moths and caterpillars). The result has been dozens of kilos of tomatoes, far more than we can eat.

This was, however, the plan. With the bounty of tomatoes, I filled many jars. The photo above is what’s left, after giving quite a lot of it away.

By my rough count, this is what we produced:

  • 13 x roast tomato pasatta
  • 8 x cherry tomato & onion relish
  • 5 x tomato chilli pickle
  • 1 x tomato ketchup
  • 1 x semi-dried tomato

Plus tomato soup, pasta sauce, and a dozen other recipes using fresh tomatoes. Oh, and I took piles into work to give to my staff…

Not bad out of 7 square metres of space (plus the jungle at the back).


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