This year’s approach to potatoes

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Last year, I constructed a huge enclosure for our potatoes, built from salvaged fence palings. It didn’t really work, and I suspect it’s because it didn’t drain properly. The potatoes therefore rotted rather than grew.

So, another year, another approach (or two).

The new potato bed, constructed out of chicken wire

The main potato bed has been constructed out of chicken wire, bent around some wooden stakes hammered into the ground. Quite a lot smaller, much simpler to construct, and hopefully better draining!

Two lots of potatoes have been planted:

  • 8 x dutch cream
  • 8 x nicola
Some potato bags, just for an experiment

I also purchased two potato bags, just to see how they go. These are a potentially brilliant solution for those living in flats or units, but let’s see how productive they end up being…

I’ll report back at harvest time.


One thought on “This year’s approach to potatoes

    New potatoes « Lewisham House said:
    November 28, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    […] per our post on this year’s potato strategies, we’ve tried a few different things. The potatoes were “bandicooted” out of the […]

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