Garden snapshot: summer 2010

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A snapshot of the front garden, summer 2010

I’ve had a few comments from blog readers asking for a view of the whole vege garden. So here it is!

As mentioned in earlier posts, all our vege gardening happens at the front of the house, as this is where the sun is. It also makes great use of the odd triangle of land beside our house, even if it means working on a slope. The best thing, though, is the conversations it generates with other local residents, or general passer-byers.

The main garden beds, lined up in a row

These are our main garden beds, mostly corrugated iron dug into the slope. Starting at the front of the photo working back towards the fence:

  • potatoes (not sure these are working well)
  • fallow bed (getting replanted on the weekend)
  • tomatoes, basil and pumpkins
  • tomatoes, basil and sugar snap peas
  • tomatoes, basil and broccolini

Beside the fence:

  • cucumbers
  • climbing beans
  • raspberry
  • passionfruit
  • citrus trees (2x oranges, lemon, lime)
  • silverbeet
  • herbs, various
Sqeezing in some more growing space beside the house

We’ve also got a series of smaller beds tucked in under the eaves. Starting from the front:

  • common mint
  • thai basil
  • silverbeet
  • spring onions, carrots and cabbage
  • more of the same
  • pumpkins

As a novice gardener, I’m still getting the hang of timing, so I don’t feel that the space is being fully used yet. (I seem to have at least one fallow bed at any given point.) Still, not a bad collection for a tiny suburban space!


One thought on “Garden snapshot: summer 2010

    Trina said:
    March 17, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Hi Guys,
    Just came across your site Priscilla – and wanted to say I love your garden. Looks like everything is coming together. I had no idea you were blogging this P. We’ll have to have a cuppa and check out each other’s garden one day.


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