Planting under citrus trees

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When I planted our citrus trees, I was well aware of the need to keep the grass away, so it doesn’t compete with the shallow tree roots. So I lay down a thick layer of bark mulch (being careful to keep the lower trunk clear).

Some time later, I read through the  Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison. It highlights the benefit of “companion planting” out a whole under-story of plants under citrus trees, increasing productivity and actually helping the trees.

This is what seems most applicable to the urban garden:

  • spring bulbs
  • comfrey
  • dandelion
  • globe artichoke
  • fennel
  • dill
  • tansy
  • carrot
  • catnip
  • daisy
  • nasturtium
  • flowering ground covers

I’ve started with planting out some nasturtium seeds (which produce edible flowers and leaves), as well as dill. I’ll probably add fennel and comfrey down the track…


One thought on “Planting under citrus trees

    Darren (Green Change) said:
    February 10, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Comfrey is very good, since it feeds quite deep and citrus feed near the surface. Pull some comfrey leaves off and throw them on the ground as a mulch, and you’ll be making those nutrients available to your citrus trees.

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