Seed apocalypse

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A number of my gardening books, including the Seed Savers Handbook, recommend keeping your seed collection the fridge, to extend its life.

My hard-learned recommendation: don’t listen to them.

As per our previous post, we planted a pile of seeds in seed-raising mix. Still more went into the ground. None have germinated.

It seems that storage in the fridge has very efficiently sterilised my entire seed collection. I suspect it’s due to the cold spots in the fridge that I’ve only recently started to discover.

So this morning, I placed an emergency order of seeds, to get me the beans, tomatoes and other staples needed for spring. Not a massive cost, but a big blow to my confidence as a gardener.

Still, I guess this gets us just a little bit closer to the experiences of a true farmer: one flood or drought later, and you’re left with nothing, wait until spring next year to start again. At least we’re a lot better off than that, and we can get some seedlings to make up for the time lost waiting for the dead seeds to come up.

Right. Round two.

One thought on “Seed apocalypse

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    September 9, 2009 at 8:41 am

    […] the earlier bad news, the first of our bush beans are pushing themselves forcefully out of the ground. One lonely […]

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