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Our first carrots out of the ground, very exciting!
Our first carrots out of the ground, very exciting!

Luckily I had a second pair of eyes looking through the garden today. The carrots have been growing for some time, but I’d thought that the relatively small amount of greenery above ground meant the carrots still needed time below ground.

How wrong I was. Scraping away the soil around the base of the leaves, the tops of carrots some 15-20mm across emerged. Very exciting!

We pulled the first one out, and it’s a midget, wide at the top but very short. The next few were a little larger. Then we pulled out a real, full-sized carrot. Plenty more where they came from…

Carrots were always in the “hard basket” for me, and seemed dauntingly difficult to grow. Lots of stories about needing the “right soil” and “perfect conditions” to get full-sized carrots. Now I’m not saying I’m now a prize-winning grower of carrots, but it has turned out to be pretty easy. I used seed tape to lay out two rows of carrots, and all that was needed was a little thinning out. And some patience.

Count me in for growing more carrots next season, once we work our way through this haul.


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