Producing less rubbish

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It’s been interesting to see how little rubbish we’re producing in our new house. Now we’re no zero rubbish fanatics, but this is how much our regular rubbish is down to:

  • Red bin (normal rubbish): 1/4 full each week (we actually didn’t put it out at all last week)
  • Yellow bin (recycling): 1/4 – 1/3 full each week
  • Green bin (garden waste): barely used at all, except during initial removal of grass and for weeds

Our current shopping and eating practices have a lot to do with this:

  • we buy our fruit and vegetables loose, either as part of a food box or at the local greengrocers
  • our food waste all goes to the worm farm or compost bin (apparently this can be up to 1/3 of normal household rubbish)
  • we cook most nights, from raw ingredients
  • which means that we purchase very little pre-packaged food other than breakfast cereal
  • we don’t eat take-away, except when we’re really lazy

This still leaves cartons of milk, orange juice and stock, jars of sauce, and plenty else. We’re not cutting back on the essentials or the nice-to-haves.We’re not buying in crazy bulk amounts, or shopping around for zero-packaging goods.

It just doesn’t seem to add up to much rubbish. This makes us happy.

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